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Our Mission

ImmigrationTown's mission is to provide professional, courteous, prompt and affordable advice to its clients for their immigration related needs.

Collectively, ImmigrationTown attorneys have several years of experience handling immigration related issues for its clients. However, we do not have the overhead of large law firms...fancy wood-paneled offices, multiple tiers of management and everything else that comes with it. As a result, we are able to provide you with a legendary one-on-one personalized service to promptly address the immigration needs of your family or employees as the case may be. Our low overhead also means that we can provide you our professional services in the most cost-economical manner.



Want to reach us?

Please contact us at:

Immigration Town
Phone: (626) 629-VISA or (626) 629-8472
Fax    : (626) 587-8501